Anstruther Easter, Fife

  • Anstruther Baptist Church

    The chapel is situated towards the eastern edge of Anstruther, close to the shore. Its principal elevation faces north onto East Green, a residential street, and to the south the church faces the sea. The church is built from squar...

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  • Anstruther Burgher Church

    This church was built in 1820 for the Burgher Congregation of Anstruther. It was replaced in 1852 by a new building (site 7798).

  • Anstruther Church

    Chalmers Memorial Church was built as a Free church in 1889-1891, having been designed by the architect David Henry. It occupied a prominent postition within the town, the highest ground and, therefore, highly visible, particularly as it...

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  • Anstruther Erskine United Free Church

    Anstruther Erskine United Free Church is on Backdykes and now forms part of the East Neuk Community Centre.   It was built between 1850 and 1852 to replace an earlier building (site 10573). The church was built with four hundre...

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  • Anstruther Evangelical Church

    This chapel was built in 1833 when the meeting hall, known locally as the Tabernacle, became too small. It was built at a cost of £400, and a large part of the building costs came from donations collected by the pastor, John Murdoc...

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  • Anstruther Free Church (1844)

    Site of the now demolished Free Church of 1844, the first in a succession of churches on Hadfoot Wynd.

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  • Anstruther Free Church (1858)

    Site of the now demolished Free Church of 1858, built after the demolition of a previous Free Church on the same site.

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  • Anstruther Parish Church

    The church is situated on School Green, in the centre of Anstruther Easter, in a sloping graveyard and is surrounded by a coped wall.   The graveyard surrounds the church to the north, south and east.  The churchyard wall ...

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  • Old Congregational Church

    The Congregational church of Anstruther was formed in the early nineteenth century. Initially meetings took place at 28 East Green, a weaver's shop owned by a Mr Thaw.

    This congregation then moved to a new chapel on Crail Road in...

  • St. Ayle's Chapel

    The chapel was on the site now occupied by the Scottish Fisheries Museum (site 10570), which incorporates a window moulding from the chapel.

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  • The Scottish Fisheries Museum

    The Scottish Fisheries Museum was opened in 1969. It contains a private chapel which commemorates all men who have lost their lives while fishing in Scotland.

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