Auchterderran, Fife

  • Auchterderran Old Parish Church

    This church is said to have been constructed in 1059 and is the earliest known church on this site,   However, it is very likely that people had been using the location for worship for hundreds of years.   The church ...

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  • Auchterderran St. Fothad's Parish Church

    This church is on a low hill, which slopes to the south down towards the Derran Burn, on a corner site between Woodend Road and Balgreggie Road in Auchterderran.    Originally there was a large rectangular medieval church ...

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  • Bowhill Baptist Church

    Site of the now-demolished Bowhill Baptist Church. The area is now residential.

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  • Church of Christ

    This former church is  on the south side of a residential street and is no longer in use. It faces north, with its entrance directly onto the street.

    To the west and south there is a gravelled car park, and on the east is a ...

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  • Cross and Passion Convent

    The Cross and Passion Convent is a large rectangular building set back from Station Road, Lochgelly,  almost directly opposite to St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church (site number: 6683).   The former St. Patrick's Church w...

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  • Keir's Brae, Graveyard and Chapel

    This site was excavated in 1993 by the Cardenden Local History group and students from St Andrews University.    Today there are no remains of the chapel which was possibly a chapel of ease before being converted to a priv...

    Pre-excavation photo of site
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  • Lochgelly Baptist Church

    Lochgelly Baptist Church was built in 1910.   It sits back from the road, and is a low modern harled building with attached hall to the west.   The surrounding grassy precinct is enclosed by a low stepped wall.

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  • Salvation Army

    This Salvation Army building is on a corner site between Auchterderran Road and Whyte Street.     There is a grassy area to the west,   It was constructed some time in the mid twentieth century.  &...

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  • St. Andrew's Parish Church

    St. Andrews Parish Church, which was constructed in 1854-55 as a chapel of ease, sits back from the road in a walled precinct, which also contains a hall at the east end. Originally rectangular in shape, broad north and south aisles were...

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  • St. Finnian's

    St. Finnian's Church is set on an elevated position above the road, set within its own precinct and with a tarmac area to the rear (north).  The church was constructed in 1937-8 by the architects Smart, Stewart & Mitchell.

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  • St. Fothad's Parish Church


    This church, which was on Carden avenue, was originally called The Mission Church but was then renamed St. Fothad's Parish Church after Saint Fothad. Constructed in 1909-10 under plans of architect Willi...

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  • St. Ninian's Church

    This 1932 Roman Catholic Church is by architect Reginald Francis Joseph Fairlie.    It sits in its own walled precinct set back from the road, and the presbytery is also located here.    

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  • St. Patrick's

    St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church is set well back from the road in a large walled precinct which also contains a presbytery and a hall.   The surrounding area is covered in either tarmac or grass. The church which was constr...

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  • St. Patrick's (1877)

    St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Lochgelly was built in 1877.    St. Patrick's Primary School which dates from 1909 was built to the south of the church. The present St. Patrick's Church in Lochgelly (site no: 6683),...

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  • St. Serf's Lochgelly

    Originally Lochgelly Free Church, this building  was constructed in 1857-58 on plans of the architect Mr. Downie of Kirkcaldy.    It is in an elevated position above the road and sits in a walled precinct which contai...

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