Auchtermuchty, Fife

  • Auchtermuchty Antiburgher Church

    Site of the now demolished Antiburgher Church of Auchtermuchty. The site is currently occupied by the United Presbyterian Church.

  • Auchtermuchty Baptist Church

    This building is situated at the bottom of a slope and faces north onto Burnside. Auchtermuchty Burn runs in front of the property. It is joined to the parish hall and ex Free Church (site no. 9497) to the south. This building has had ma...

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  • Auchtermuchty Former Relief Church (now a garage)

    The remains of this building are currently in use as a garage, the rest having been demolished. It is situated on Madras Road leading down a slope towards Burnside. It is built in whinstone and sandstone rubble with a half-hipped, slate ...

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  • Auchtermuchty Former United Associate Chapel (now Victoria Hall)

    This site is located on the corner of Burnside and Cupar Road. It faces onto Burnside. Across the street is Auchtermuchty Burn. The church is now a community hall and has been renamed Victoria Hall. The building principally consists of a...

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  • Auchtermuchty Gospel Hall

    Auchtermuchty Gospel Hall was at the top of Kilnheuch on a corner near the town cross. The east elevation faces onto a steep slope which leads downhill towards Burnside. It is likely that the Hall has been turned into a private residence...

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  • Auchtermuchty Parish Church

    Auchtermuchty parish church is on the brow of a hill that overlooks Burnside to the northeast and faces onto High Street to the west. The raised ground and close location to Auchtermuchty burn suggest that this was the site of a much ear...

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  • Auchtermuchty St. Stephen's (now Auchtermuchty Parish Church Hall)

    This church was built in 1843. It is now used as a hall by the parish church (site no. 925). The church is located next to the Croft, which is a road running downhill towards Burnside. The church is built from a combination of coursed wh...

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  • Auchtermuchty West United Free Church

    This church was formerly located on Madras Road. It is noted as having united with the East United Presbyterian Church (site number: 4659) in 1873, after that time this church was then demolished.

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  • Former United Presbyterian Church (now a school hall)

    This church currently serves as a hall for the local primary school. It was built between 1849 and 1850 and is located within the grounds of the school next to Back Dykes, which leads up a slope from Burnside's shops and houses. The buil...

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  • Myres Castle Chapel

    This chapel is located within Myres Castle, a fifteenth century residence which lies to the south of Auchtermuchty. The chapel has been converted into a billiard room, yet retains many original features, detailed below.

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  • St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church

    This church was erected in 1959 and is situated in Marshall Place to the north of Burnside. It has a boundary wall and is located in a gravel and concrete yard. From the rear of the building the adjacent United Free church (site no. 4659...

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  • United Free Church

    This church, which was originally built as a Burgher Church, faces west onto Burnside and is sited on raised ground behind a crenellated wall. The building is in a poor state of repair. Its last recorded use was as a workshop and part of...

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