Beath, Fife

  • Baptist Church

    The Baptist Church in Cowdenbeath is located on Chapel Street next to a residential area. The main body of the church is orientated east-west and there are two extensions, one to the north-west and one to the south-west of the church. Th...

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  • Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church

    Constructed c. 1900, this church is located on Perth Road, Cowdenbeath. Originally built as a United Free Church, it now belongs to the Church of Scotland. The building is harled with cement dressings around the windows and entrance door...

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  • Beath Church

    This church is the latest in a series of buildings on the same site (e.g. site number: 10542), since at least the 12th century.   The present church was constructed in 1834-5 by James MacFarlane and was altered i...

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  • Beath Old Kirk

    The Kirk O' Beath was constructed in the 1100s under the jurisdiction of Inchcolm abbey, and was located on the same site as the present Parish Church (site number: 3799).

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  • Cairns Church

    This church was constructed as a United Presbyterian church in 1892-3 and it later became a Church of Scotland. The church closed for worship in 1998 when this congregation united with the West Church (site number: 7759), Hill of Beath Chur...

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  • Former Kelty North Church of Scotland

    This church was built in 1895-6 to replace the original Free Church in Kelty (site number: 10538) which had become too small for the growing congregation. In 1900 this church became Moray United Free Church due to a union of the United P...

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  • Gospel Hall

    This gospel hall was situated within a twentieth century housing scheme on the eastern edge of the town.

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  • Guthrie Church

    This church was located just off the High Street next to the old Co-Op building which is now Cowdenbeath Business Centre.

    The church was demolished in 1974 and a car park is now on the site, which has been renamed Brunton Square.

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  • Kelty Free Church

    This church and school building went out of religious use in 1895-6 when the Free Church congregation moved to a larger church (site number: 8425). The buildings are now private dwellings.

    Former Free Church and school, now private houses. From Barr, L. (2007).
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  • Kelty Parish Church

    This cruciform-plan church was constructed in 1894-6 at a crossroads in the centre of Kelty. Originally designated as a chapel of ease, it was not declared as a church in "full status" until 1925. It is surrounded by low stepped saddle b...

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  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

    This building is located just to the north of the town centre. It sits just off the main road in the town at the end of a small path. The hall is situated at the back of commercial premises which are located directly on the main road. Th...

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  • Light and Life Mission

    This building is located in the centre of the town. There is a garage located to the west and late twentieth century private houses to the east. The building is covered with pebbledash and has a slate roof. The door and window margins ar...

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  • Mission Hall

    This mission hall is located in a commercial and residential street in the centre of Kelty. It is situated on the upper floor row of terraced premises.

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  • Mossgreen Crossgates Church

    This church is located on the main street that runs through the village of Hill of Beath; it was built as a Mission Church in 1901. The church is situated within a walled precinct and there are no other buildings near it. It is a rectang...

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  • Our Lady and St. Bride's Church

    This church was constructed by Reginald Fairlie from 1921-3. The church is separated from the pavement on the southern side by a low stepped wall constructed from concrete blocks of various colours. A red brick wall separates the church ...

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  • Salvation Army

    This small rectangular building is located on a south sloping corner plot next to the road; there is a car park to the south west. The gable ended building is harled, which has been white washed and it has a slate roof. There is an exten...

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  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church

    This church was constructed in 1922 by Reginald Francis Joseph Fairlie. It is set back from a main road at the end of a path, behind the primary school of the same name. It is set within a tarmac precinct, with car parking to the west an...

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  • St. Ninnian's Church

    The site of the church is now in a quarry; the manse survives.

  • Trinity Church

    This church, which was constructed in 1968, was built to replace the original West Parish Church (site number: 4582) and therefore took over the name of West Parish Church. The Trinity Church was formed in 1998 when the West Church, Cair...

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  • Trinity United Free Church

    This church was constructed as a United Presbyterian Church in 1896. Then in 1900 it became Trinity United Free Church when there was a union between the United Presbyterian and Free churches. In 1929 the United Free Church joined with t...

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  • Union Gospel Hall

    This building is situated near the centre of the town. The building is composed of two sections; there is a double hipped roofed section at the front (west) and at the back (east) there is a north-south orientated gabled building. The en...

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  • West Parish Church

    This church was constructed in 1896-8 on the corner of Broad Street and Natal Place. It was built to accommodate the growing congregation of Beath Parish Church (site numer: 3799; now called Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church).

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