Burntisland, Fife

  • Binnend Mission Church

    The village at Binnend grew up as a result of the expansion of the shale oil works in the area in 1881 following a change of ownership. The village was in two parts, the High Binn and the Low Binn and in 1889 a Mission Church was establishe...

  • Burgh Chambers

    The 1829 Emancipation Act officially abolished anti-Catholic measures, although these measures had been eased since the late 1700s. With this Act the Catholic Church slowly began to recover (in Burntisland this was a very slow process). ...

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  • Burntisland Parish Church

    This harled square plan church with a slate roof and diagonal stepped buttresses on the corners was constructed in 1594-6 and was one of the first post-Reformation churches built in Scotland. It was constructed as a replacement for the o...

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  • Coupar Kirk

    In 1843 four hundred and seventy four ministers broke away from the Church of Scotland and took roughly one third of the Church's congregation with them, in an event known as the Disruption. Two prominent figures in this event in Burntis...

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  • Erskine Church

    This church, which was constructed in 1902-3, is located at the junction of two converging roads. It is situated on ground which slopes upwards from the sea and this location, accompanied by the tall tower, makes the church very visible ...

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  • Erskine Church (site of)

    The site of a mid-18th century High Street church originally established by the Associate Presbytery. The building was demolished in 1906 and replaced by the Burntisland public library.

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  • St Joseph's Catholic Church

    The Catholic congregation in Burntisland in the 1870s was small and as a result they met in various small temporary locations, such as a sail loft. However, the growing shale oil industry brought increasing numbers of Catholics to the ar...

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  • St. Andrew's Church of Scotland (now St. Andrew's Court)

    This church was constructed in 1860-61 as the new home of the Free Church congregation who had previously been located in the former warehouse opposite the Parish Church (site number: 9476). The denomination of the church changed several...

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  • St. Serf's Old Kirk

    The remains of this rectangular plan church are located in the centre of Kirkton graveyard. The church of Parva Kinghorn (Little Kinghorn) is said to have been dedicated to St Serf or St Adamnan. The building is in a ruinous condition bu...

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  • St. Serf's Scottish Episcopal Church

    This church, which was constructed in 1903-5, is on a site in a residential area just to the north of the town's main street.   The site was acquired by the Episcopal Church in the late 1870s after the death of Rev. George Hay ...

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  • The Lochies Catholic Church

    Site of the former Lochies Catholic Church on Kinghorn Road, demolished post-1970, and now occupied by a private house. Some original boundary features are still visible.

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