Places of Worship in Ceres Parish in Fife Region

  • Ceres Parish Church

    This church was built in 1806 by Alexander Leslie, on the site of a much earlier building. It is on rising ground in the centre of Ceres with a graveyard to the east. The south elevation faces downhill towards the centre of the village.T...

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  • Ceres South United Free Church

    Site of the former United Free Church on the north east edge of Ceres.   This stone church with slate roof was erected c.1843 on Schoolhill, opposite the school.   An OS Map from 1855 shows it to have b...

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  • Ceres United Free Church

    This church was originally built as a United Presbyterian Church in 1877 on St. Andrews Road in Ceres, replacing an earlier United Presbyterian Church (site number: 10415) in the village.    In 1900 the church became a Uni...

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  • Ceres United Presbyterian Church

    Ceres Associate (Antiburgher) Congregation was formed in 1740 and their first church was built in 1744. In 1847 the church became United Presbyterian and in 1877 a new church was built on St. Andrews Road which is listed separately as Ce...

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  • Former Ceres United Presbyterian Church


    This church was built in 1798 as a relief church; it has been known as Ceres War Memorial Hall since 1920.

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  • St. Sirus' Church and St. Ninian's Chapel

    RCHAMS Canmore database records the existence of two religious buildings on the site of the present parish church at Ceres (site 3700), though it is probable that St. Ninian's was actually an altar within St. Sirus'. Little is known abou...

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