Collessie, Fife

  • Collessie Parish Church

    The church is sited on a knoll above the older part of the village of Collessie.   It is believed that the site had been used for worship for many centuries, perhaps even as early as the Bronze Age.    Wha...

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  • Former United Free Church

    This building is now called Giffordtown Hall and is no longer in ecclesiastical use. It is located in Charlottetown on flat, grassy ground behind a boundary wall. The building is predominantly rubble built with sandstone dressings and a ...

    South elevation of Giffordtown Hall
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  • Ladybank Church (Keir Memorial Hall)

    The church was built between 1881 and 1882 by James Campbell Walker. It was built as the principal church in Ladybank. In 1946 the congregation moved to Ladybank Parish Church (site number: 1005) towards the north of the town. Kerr Memor...

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  • Ladybank Gospel Hall

    This church is situated on Hill Street and was erected in the late twentieth century. It is a harled building with a concrete tiled roof and a slate-roofed porch, and is surrounded by a wooden fence.

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  • Ladybank Parish Church

    This church was built to house the Free Church congregation of Collessie parish which moved from the church In Charlottetown (site number: 4662) in 1876. It faces west onto Church Lane. The church consists of a gabled, main cell, a sessi...

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  • Rossie House Mausoleum

    A substantial but ruined mausoleum, in a forested copse, located a short distance southeast of Rossie House off the A91 near Auchtermuchty. Although building records are lacking, the tomb was probably of 17th century construct...

  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church

    This church faces south onto a road running across the southern edge of Ladybank. It is a single storey building that has the appearance of a domestic house. St. Mary's is a gabled, semi-detached building with a whinstone frontage and a ...

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