Crail, Fife

  • Constantine's Cave

    Constantine's Cave is situated on Fife Ness. An entry in RCHAMS Canmore database suggests that the cave was once walled and roofed, possibly serving as a chapel.

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  • Crail Castle Chapel

    D Hay Fleming records the existence of a chapel at Crail Castle which was dedicated to 'St. Rufe'. No trace of the chapel remains. The castle at Crail was situated towards the south of the village, overlooking the sea. The site was ruinous ...

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  • Crail Nunnery

    Speculative site of a nunnery in Crail.

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  • Crail Parish Church

    The building is situated on Marketgate in the centre of Crail. It is surrounded by an interesting graveyard and a coped wall. Approach to the church is through gates t...

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  • Crail Priory Walls

    There is a ruined gable on Nethergate in Crail, which is known as 'Priory Walls'. This may be the remains of a building which was formerly under the patronage of the Prioress of Haddington.

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  • Crail St. David's (now Crail Parish Church Hall)

    This building was built in 1909 as a United Free Church by James Davidson Cairns. It was erected on the site of Crail North United Free Church (site number: 10537), following the union of Crail West (site number: 6632; now Holy Trinity C...

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  • Crail Standing Stone

    This Class III Pictish stone was originally sited on a mound at Sauchope Farm, southeast of Crail (NO 623 084). It is now located in Victoria Gardens, opposite Crail Community Hall (site 8404). The cross is badly weathered and little tra...

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  • Crail United Presbyterian Church

    This church was built in 1797 as a Burgher Church; in 1847 it became a United Presbyterian Church. This church was probably located on the site of Holy Trinity Catholic Church (site number: 6632) which was originally a United Presbyteria...

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  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church

    This church was built as a United Presbyterian Church in 1859. It replaced an earlier place of worship (a Burgher Church, site number: 10539), which had been in use since 1797 and was probably on the same site. Holy Trinity is situated o...

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  • Rosewynd Hall

    This building was used by the Free Church following the Disruption in 1843, and was only in use between 1843 and 1845. In 1845 a new Free Church was built on St. Andrews Road (site number: 10537)

  • St. Minin's Chapel

    Probable early church site, north of Crail along the Fife Coastal Path, discovered during an archaeological investigation in 1967. There are no remains to be seen above ground.

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