Culross, Fife

  • Balgownie House Hospital

    A hospital was founded on the western side of the village in 1639 by George Bruce, originally of Culross and later of Carnock  for the maintenance of six poor or sick women from the parish.    The hospital was demolis...

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  • Burial

    This is not a place of worship

  • Culross (Abbey) Parish Church

    The site of the Parish Church is, like the original Abbey, a hillside overlooking    the town of Culross.    After the Reformation the choir of the medieval abbey began to be used as a parish church, and thi...

  • Culross Abbey

    This abbey is situated on a hillside overlooking the town of Culross. The Cistercian Abbey was founded by Malcolm the 7th Earl of Fife in 1215 for the monks of Kinloss, Moray. Although the church was built in the thirteenth century the c...

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  • Culross Free Church

    Culross Free Church is no longer a place of worship and was converted into a private house, Cunninghame House, some time ago. It is situated along the main road through Culross and is rectangular in plan. The south, north ...

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  • Culross West Church

    Situated to the northwest of Culross in West Kirk Churchyard and surrounded by agricultural land, this was the former parish church of Culross.   It was replaced by the Abbey Parish Church (site number: 1642) by an Act of Parli...

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  • Lord Elgin's Hospital

    This is not a place of worship

  • St Serf

    All available information has been consolidated in site id/10522, Culross, St Serf's Roman Catholic Church.

  • St. Mungo's Chapel


    Situated on the roadside 0.5km from the centre of Culross are the remains of St. Mungo's chapel. The chapel was built in 1503 and marks the site traditionally associated with the birth place of St. Mungo...

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  • St. Serf's Church

    Built in 1871, this private Episcopal Church is situated in the grounds of Dunimarle Castle, to the west of Culross. The church was deconsecrated in 1970 and converted into a mausoleum. It is currently not in use and the windows are boar...

  • St. Serf's Roman Catholic Church

    This church is in a former coal mining settlement and there is evidence of vandalism.   It was designed by Reginald Fairlie, a Fife architect who was responsible for the design of a number of Catholic churches in Scotland in th...

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  • Valleyfield Church of Scotland

    Originally built to house the cashier from the nearby Valleyfield pit in the 1920s, the church has a domestic appearance with both main doors retained from the former semi-detached single storey dwelling.   The front drive has ...

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