Dunbog, Fife

  • Ayton Chapel

    The chapel was built in the late seventeenth century on the site of an earlier building. The site is hidden within a copse of trees in the middle of a large ploughed field.

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  • Dunbog Old Parish Church

    Dunbog Old Church was located in the old graveyard on the edge of Dunbog. It was located to the west of the Preceptory of Gadvan (site number: 8346). The church was connected to the preceptory and was a possession of Balmerino Abbey. It ...

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  • Former Dunbog Parish Church

    The former Dunbog Parish Church was built between 1803 and 1804 by the architect James Ballingal. To the north is the graveyard and one gable of the 1822 watch house survives. The church has been converted to a house and the parish ...

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  • Gadvan Preceptory

    Gadvan Preceptory was located to the west of the Dunbog Old Parish Church (site 1067).

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