Flisk, Fife

  • Flisk and Creich Free Church

    This church stands on isolated high ground overlooking the road south of the hamlet of Brunton,  with a woodland strip to the north ;    the manse lies to the west end of the woodland..    It was built...

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  • Flisk Chapel

    The remains of this building lie approximately one hundred metres north of a ruined cottage on the south-eastern edge of Flisk Wood, on a promontory above a burn. Only the slightest outline of the collapsed walls survives and these are h...

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  • Flisk Old Parish Church

    This church was demolished in 1790 and replaced by Flisk Parish Church (site number: 1136). Its remains are covered with grass in the graveyard of the roofless church at Flisk.


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  • Flisk Parish Church

    This roofless simple rectangular church was originally built in 1790 for the Church of Scotland.   The remains stand in the north east corner of a walled graveyard; the former manse lies to the west outside the enclosure. The s...

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  • Glenduckie Chapel

    There is here a lost chapel site.   There is no clear evidence for this site on the ground, which may have stood to the east of Ballinbreich Castle.

    RCHAMS Canmore database provides the following information:

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