Forgan, Fife

  • Church of St. Fillan

    This Roman Catholic church is tucked away between the presbytery to the west and residential buildings on higher ground to the east. The structure, which consists of a main cell, south porch and a west transept, has been painted cream and p...

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  • Forgan Parish Church (former)

    The building was built in 1841 as a Church of Scotland church, designed by David Bryce. A fire in 1846 caused some damage to the interior which was visible until very recently. The church is now a residence and architect's office.


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  • Morton Burial House

    This site is set back from a dirt track at the edge of Tentsmuir Forest, and is in the neatly mown garden of a new cottage. It is now a ruin: its four walls are upstanding, but few stones remain. The triangular pediment, which once stood ov...

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  • Newport on Tay Congregational Church

    This church was built as a Congregational Union church in 1868, by the architect David Mackenzie II. The church building was formerly sited at the bottom of Kilnburn. Conversations with local residents revealed that the building had been de...

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  • Newport on Tay Parish Church

    This church faces west and is sited on the corner of Blyth Street, looking downhill towards the Tay. It was built as a Church of Scotland church in 1869-1870, having been designed by the architect Alexander Johnston. The shape of the bui...

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  • St. Fillan's Old Parish Church

    This roofless rubble church stands within a graveyard to the east of Vicarsford Cemetery. It is currently in a poor state, with encroaching vegetation and crumbling masonry, though the fabric is bonded.

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  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church

    The church lies on sloping ground overlooking the High Street of Newport on Tay to the west and  is set in gravel grounds.    It was built as a Scottish Episcopal church in 1886-1887 and designed by Thomas Martin Capp...

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  • St. Thomas' Chapel of the Sea (Site of)

    No trace of this site now remains, although the Royal Commission places near the pier in Newport on Tay. The RCHAMS database gives the following information:

    "It is almost certain that the chapel of St Thomas of Seamylnes was built b...

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  • Trinity United Free Church

    This church is situated on the corner of Boat Road and High Street; facing the High Street to the north and the Tay to the west. It was built as a United Free church in 1881-1882 and designed as by C & L Ower.

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  • Wormit Former Parish Church

    This small whinstone church,looking out over the Tay, has been converted to secular use and has a gravel drive and a small landscaped garden to the east. It was built as a Church of Scotland church in 1894-1895, having been designed by the ...

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  • Wormit Parish Church

    This church, built in a Gothic style, is on the main road running through Wormit.   It was built as a Free church in 1898-1901, designed by James Maclaren & Sons.

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