Kennoway, Fife

  • Arnot Gospel Hall

    This church was built in 1750 as a Burgher Church and its first minister was ordained in 1758.   It is towards the north of the town of Kennoway,  on rising ground behind a coped wall. The church is gable ended, facing eas...

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  • Chapel Brae

    Possible chapel site behind the Caravan Park at Letham Feus, north of Kennoway. Historic records indicate the removal of its foundations in the early nineteenth century.

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  • Elim Christian Centre

    This church was built in 1848 as a Free Church. It is situated in the centre of the village of Kennoway on New Road. It is now a Pentecostal Church.

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  • Kennoway Old Parish Church

    A church was built on this site in the eleventh century and demolished c.1850 when the new parish church was built to the north (site number: 4643). The church was dedicated St. Kenneth and was situated in a graveyard with a session and wat...

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  • St. Giles' Roman Catholic Church

    This church is on Langside Crescent in Kennoway, opposite the Primary School. It is a two celled tin church which is orientated east-west with a chancel to the east and a nave to the west. The church is situated behind a fence in a ...

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  • St. Kenneth's Parish Church

    This church was built in 1850 by Thomas Hamilton to replace an earlier building to the south (site number: 1212). The datestone from the old church, built in 1619,  is reused in the north elevation.   The church lies next ...

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