Kilmany, Fife

  • Isolated Burial

    No trace of this site now remains. It may have been in a field behind a farm in Wester Kilmany, though this has been heavily ploughed and retains no trace of the burial.

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  • Kilmany Church

    This church, now demolished, was situated in Rathillet. All that remains of the building are the footings of one of the walls in the garden of a house next to a road through the village. The current owner of the house observed the demoli...

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  • Kilmany Parish Church

    The old parish church of Kilmany, which was rebuilt in 1768, is thought to have been dedicated to St Adrian and formerly belonged to St Salvator's College St Andrews. In 1934, following the 1929 union of the Church of Scotland and the Un...

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  • Newcairnie

    Site could not be found - not a place of worship?