Kinghorn, Fife

  • Eglise Marie

    This site is said to be in a field belonging to Tyrie Farm. The Statistical Account of 1845 mentions a chapel, of which a gable survived at the time, named Egsmalee by the locals - a corruption of Eglise Marie.

  • Former United Presbyterian Church

    Constructed in 1856-6 this building was built as a United Presbyterian Church. It is located on a corner plot at the junction between Rosslands Place and Burntisland Road. This church, which was also known as Rosslands Church, was united wi...

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  • Kinghorn Free Church

    Located beside a main road on the north eastern side of the town, this church has now been converted into a private residence. There is a paved area in front of the building which is separated from pavement by a low coped sandstone wall. Th...

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  • Kinghorn Old Parish Church

    The remains of the Old Kirk in Kinghorn are located in a graveyard on raised ground above the shore, to the east of the current Parish Church (site number: 2450). The Old Kirk was built in the thirteenth century and was partially incorporat...

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  • Kinghorn Parish Church, Fife

    The pebbledash covered Parish Church in Kinghorn is located in a graveyard on raised ground above the shore. The church was built in 1774 to replace the old parish church (site number: 2449), which was partially incorporated into the new bu...

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  • General view
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  • St. Mary and St. Leonard

    This Tin Kirk was constructed in 1905 for the Scottish Episcopal Church. It continued to be in use until it was decommissioned in 2005. The rectangular church was located at a junction between two streets, David the First Street and Park Pl...

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