Largo, Fife

  • Largo and Newburn Parish Church

    This large cruciform church is in a graveyard on high ground in the centre of Kirkton, Upper Largo.  The chancel dates from 1623, the steeple, which was gifted by Peter Black of Largo House,  from 1628,  and the rest from ...

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  • Largo Baptist Church


    There have been Baptists worshipping in Largo since 1778 in various places and with varying prosperity but by 1868 there was sufficient support to build this church.  It has been threatene...

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  • Lower Largo Old Baptist Meeting House

    This former Baptist meeting house was originally used as a residence until 1809 when it was first used as a Baptist meeting house. It remained in religious use until after 1927 and has since been converted into a residence again. It is loca...

  • St. David's Parish Church

    This church was built as a United Presbyterian Church in 1871. It faces south onto a road near the sea.    There may have been a church here previously.

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  • Upper Largo Free Church

    This church was built in 1844 as a Free Church, later becoming United Free. It has since been converted into a garage and residence. It faces south on to Main Street.


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  • Woods Hospital

    Not a place of Worship