Leslie (Kirkcaldy), Fife

  • Christ's Kirk

    This Church of Scotland Church was constructed in 1980 in the residential area of Pitcoudie. It was originally called Christ�s Kirk on the Hill, but is now known as Christ�s Kirk since it was amalgamated with Christ�s Kirk on the G...

    Eastern elevation
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  • Christ's Kirk on the Green

    This Gothic revival church was constructed in 1819-21 by builder Thomas or James Barclay, Alexander Leslie was the Inspector of Works and possibly the designer. In 1868-9 the church was extended to the south by James Maitland Wardrop; su...

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  • Collydean Granary Baptist Church

    This former granary was converted to use as a church in 1983 and is located on a corner plot between Torphins Avenue and Aboyne Way, in the residential area of Collydean.

    Northern elevation
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  • Former Prinlaws Church

    Constructed in 1839 this single storey rectangular building began its life as a school for the children of workers at Prinlaws Mill. In 1884 the building became a chapel of ease and in 1891 its status was elevated to the title of 'Parish Ch...

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  • Former Salvation Army

    Converted from an old barn in 1771, this rectangular building sits behind a shop (Firbank Bathrooms), located on the High Street in Leslie. Originally built as a Burgher Kirk, this building has also been a Free Church and was most recently ...

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  • Leslie Baptist Church

    Constructed in 1885-6, Leslie Baptist Church is beside a road on a north sloping corner plot. The designer for this building, John Lister, was not a professional architect; he was the brother of the first minister. The rectangular buildi...

    View of church from west
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  • Martin Church

    This church was constructed in 1859 by the Burgher congregation who previously worshipped in a converted barn (site number: 1343). The building was situated next door to Leslie New Free Church (now St. Mary Mother of God, Roman Catholic Chu...

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  • Old Anti Burgher Kirk

    Constructed in 1744 this rectangular Anti-Burgher Church sits behind a Joiners and Undertakers shop. The old church itself is now in use as the joiners workshop. The area to the north of the building is a private garden area leading to the ...

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  • St. Mary Mother of God

    This church was constructed in 1876-9 by architect R. Thornton Shiells, as a Free Church, known as Logan-Martin Church.   It closed as a Free Church in 1956 and since 1959 has been a Roman Catholic Church.    The...

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  • Trinity Parish Church

    This is a rectangular town church in High Street, Leslie.   It is complete, and in full ecclesiastical use.   Constructed in 1858-59 by architect Henry Archibald, it sits in its own precinct behind a wall with iron ra...

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