Newburgh, Fife

  • Lindores Abbey

    Lindores Abbey is surrounded by a boundary wall, which is entered though an intact south west gateway leading off of Abbey Road. The site is much ruined and site is under threat from erosion and vegetation. Large trees are growing out of...

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  • Livingstone Hall

    Situated on the north side of Newburgh High Street (Cupar Road) with a small parking area in front.

    View of church (now a garage)
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  • Macduff's Cross Chapel Site

    Macduff's Cross is a cubical sandstone boulder which sits on an earthen platform and is surrounded by smaller stones, placed there by Newburgh Town Council in 1851. There is some dispute as to the original nature of the cross. An RCAHMS ent...

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  • Newburgh Baptist Church

    Newburgh Baptist Church was built in 1881. The local congregation was formed in 1808, but there are no records to suggest where the meeting place was located. The building is located on Newburgh High Street, set between residential building...

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  • Newburgh Parish Church

    Newburgh Parish Church was built between 1905 and 1906 facing south onto the road towards the east of Newburgh High Street, opposite the school and within walking distance of the town cemetery. It sits behind a boundary wall in well kept...

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  • Newburgh United Free Church

    Built as a Burgher Chapel 1786, this building was reconstructed in 1836. It is situated on the western side of Clinton Street. The church is built from bound whinstone which is squared and coursed only on its eastern face. It is roofed Scot...

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  • St. Adrian's Oratory

    RCHAMS Canmore database suggests that an oratory dedicated to St. Adrian might have been erected on or near the current location of the Mugdrum Cross. A local guidebook ,‘ Newburgh: A Historic Trail’, suggests that the word ‘Mugdrum’ might ...

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  • St. Katherine's Chapel

    An ancient chapel stood on the site subsequently occupied by St. Katherine's Church (site number: 4691, it was the parish church for Newburgh from 1832 to 1967) and St. Katherine's Court (modern residential development). The chapel was loca...

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  • St. Katherine's Episcopal Mission Church

    There was formerly an Episcopal church located on the corner of Abbey Road and Cupar Road. The site is now occupied by modern housing.

    The church was erected in the late nineteenth century and appears to have been demolished in 1987...

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  • St. Katherine's Parish Church

    St. Katherine's Parish Church was erected in 1832. It stood on the site of an ancient chapel (site number: 4601) which had been located on the site from at least the late fifteenth century. It was formerly located next to the Laing Library ...

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  • The Mugdrum Cross

    The Mugdrum Cross is located within private grounds to the west of Newburgh. It was probably carved after the tenth century, making it a class III stone associated with the early ascendance of Christianity in Scotland. The cross is 3.5 metr...

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  • United Reformed Church

    Built as a Burgher Chapel 1786, this building was reconstructed in 1836. It is on the west side of Clinton Street.  The south elevation faces residential buildings       The west elevation faces onto Wo...

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