Newburn, Fife

  • Culdees Chapel

    RCHAMS Canmore database records the existence of a Culdees chapel at Balchrystie. It alleges that Malcolm Canmore and Saint Margaret gave the village of Balchristie to the Culdees of Loch Leven eight hundred years ago. There is no surviving...

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  • Former Newburn Parish Church

    This church was built between 1814 and 1815. It is now a private residence. The church is situated on a hill to the west of the old parish church which it replaced (site number: 8137). The church consists of a whinstone central cell with a ...

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  • Newburn Old Parish Church

    This roofless ruin is situated in a graveyard to the north of Drumeldrie, a few hundred yards from the early nineteenth century parish church which replaced it. It was consecrated in 1243. Of the medieval church only the east end remains, a...

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