Places of Worship in Pittenweem Parish in Fife Region

  • Pittenweem Baptist Church

    This small church was built as a Baptist Church in 1902. It is located on one of the several narrow, steeply-sloping wynds or lanes that run south from Pittenweem's High Street towards the seafront. The...

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  • Pittenweem Church of Christ

    This building was once used as a meeting house for the local Church of Christ congregation. It was originally built as a dwelling house and has since returned to being a private house.

  • Pittenweem Church of Christ the King, Roman Catholic

    This building was built as a large house in the early 1800s, but only became a Roman Catholic church in 1935.   It  faces south onto Milton Road and lies in neatly landscaped gardens. The upper floor of the building is als...

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  • Pittenweem Parish Church

    This impressive medieval church was founded sometime before 1200 (as shown by a fragment of doorway at the east end of the north elevation), and as such predates the foundation of Pittenweem Priory to the southeast (see separate site). M...

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  • Pittenweem Priory

    Lands at Pittenweem were granted to the monks of the nearby Isle of May by David I in around 1142 to form a new priory. Pittenweem Priory is mentioned in documents in 1221. It was located just to the south east of the...

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  • Pittenweem St. Fillan's (now Parish Church Hall)

    This building was built in 1846 as Pittenweem Relief Church and is now Pittenweem church hall. It is situated to the north of the parish church (site number: 1454), in the centre of an asphalt car park on the main road through Pittenweem...

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  • St. Fillan's Cave, Pittenweem

    St Fillan's Cave is a natural Y-shaped underground formation in a sandstone outcrop, a short distance north of Pittenweem's harbour. It is long associated with St Fillan, who is said to have resided here in around 640. There is a 17th ce...

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  • St. John's Episcopal Church

    This church was  founded by Bishop Low and opened in 1805.   It is on Marygate, on the northeast edge of the parish church graveyard (site 1454), with which it shares a boundary wall.   There is a private graveya...

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