Strathmiglo, Fife

  • Edenshead Church

    Edenshead Church was built in 1823 and was originally a United Secession Church. It is now Church of Scotland and is linked with the parish church at Strathmiglo. It is located within a boundary wall on the eastern edge of the village of Ga...

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  • Fragment of Strathmiglo Cross

    According RCHAMS, the cross was located west of Kirk Wynd in 1605. A fragment of the cross has been incorporated into the base of a sundial, which is inserted into the southern face of the clock tower on High Street.

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  • Gateside Chapel

    No documentary references to the location of this chapel could be found. RCHAMS Canmore database states that a pre-reformation chapel was established at Gateside by the monks of Balmerino. The village of Gateside was formerly called The Cha...

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  • Site of St. Martin's Church

    The site of St. Martin's church is located in the oldest of Strathmiglo's three graveyards. Its location is marked by two yews. The boundary wall between the oldest graveyard and that which is immediately behind it appears to contain reused...

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  • Strathmiglo Congregational Chapel

    Chapel referred to in Groome's Gazetteer (the Evangelical Union) and is itemised in McNaughton's inventory of Scottish Congregational churches.

  • Strathmiglo Free Church

    This Free church was the first Free church built in Strathmiglo. It is located on a hill on the south western outskirts of the village. The church was built in 1843 and underwent alterations in the 1930s which included the addition of an ex...

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  • Strathmiglo North (now Strathmiglo Church Hall)

    This former church building, known locally as the Asbestos church, replaced a church built on the feu of Stedmorland (location not confirmed but probably to the north of the village). The congregation moved to this building in 1850.

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  • Strathmiglo Parish Church

    This church was built in 1787 and is sited at the top of Kirk Wynd near the edge of the village of Strathmiglo. It is at the west of the three separate graveyards relating to the present and earlier churches (site numbers 1499 and 8364). Th...

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  • Strathmiglo South Free Church

    This building is situated on Cash Feus, a residential road which runs at a right angle to Kirk Wynd, where the parish church (site number 4661) is located. It is currently used by an engineering firm. It is situated within a rubble boundary...

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  • Strathmiglo Stone

    This Pictish stone stands at the entrance to the oldest of the three graveyards adjoining the parish church (site number: 4661). It dates to around 700 AD and has indistinct symbols of a tuning fork and a deer head. The stone is badly erode...

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