Places of Worship in Aboyne and Glentanar Parish in Grampian Region

  • Aboyne and Dinnet Parish Church

    Aboyne Parish Church, often known as St. Machar's, was built in 1842, replacing an earlier church of 1763 on the same site. It is located in the centre of Aboyne, overlooking Aboyne Green. It sits in a burial enclosure which has now clos...

    View of the church from the east
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  • Aboyne Parish Cemetery

    Aboyne Parish cemetery was opened in 1917 in response to continued need for burials in the area and the original one being full. It lies between the main road and the Aboyne Castle grounds, on the outskirts of the village. There is no pl...

  • Chapel Hill, Aboyne

    The Ordnance Survey Name Book (1865) suggest that a possible early chapel stood in this area, close to an old yew tree that was still present in the 19th century (Chapel Tree). However no other evidence has been produced to support this ...

  • Formaston Stone, Aboyne

    The Formaston Stone is a Pictish stone cross (possibly 8th century), which was once located in the burial ground of St. Adamnan's Church and later erected in the grounds of Aboyne Castle. It is now a museum exhibit in Inverurie Museum.

  • Former United Free Church, Aboyne

    This church to the west of Aboyne, in an area called Dinnet, was previously a United Free Church. It is located in large grounds and is surrounded by woodland on three sides.

    This church served the local community until recently....

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • Old Glen Tanar Church, Aboyne

    Old Glen Tanar Church was one of the last churches in Scotland to have a thatched roof. It is located above the west bank of the River Dee west of Aboyne and is surrounded by flat, rough grazing ground. There is a small walled burial gro...

    The west gable
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  • Sir Malcolm Barclay Harvey Burial Ground, Aboyne

    This small burial enclosure was built and consecrated in 1959 for Sir Malcolm Barclay -Harvey. It consists of a walled enclosure. The site was chosen by the Laird for burial as it was his favourite spot in his estate. It contains only 2 ...

  • South United Free Church, Aboyne

    This prominent church was built in 1859 in the village of Aboyne, where it stands alongside the large central village green and park on a small street that borders the green. The church has small grounds and there is no graveyard. It was...

    View of the church from the west
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  • St Adamnan's Church and Burial Ground, Aboyne

    The ruined church of St Adamnan is located at the eastern edge of a large golf course on the outskirts of Aboyne, and close to the Loch of Aboyne. There is a later field system to the north of the church and the land today is suitable on...

    View of the site from the north
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  • St Lesmo's Episcopal Chapel

    St. Lesmo's Chapel is located in a flat valley bottom to the south of the Water of Tanar. A narrow trackway leads to the chapel from the Bridge of Tanar to the north-east. The large Glen Tanar House, surrounded by a designed landscape an...

    Trackway leading to the chapel, from the north
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  • St Machar's Cross and Holy Well, Aboyne

    The carved cross, made of granite, stands on the shoulder of a hill in dense (modern) woodland. It is partially obscured by vegetation. There is said to be a holy well associated with this site too, but the fieldworker who visi...

  • St Margaret's Church, Aboyne

    St Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church was built in the 1870s on a corner site in the small, busy town of Aboyne, close to a large park. It is located alongside the busy Ballater Road in small garden grounds with a large presbytery at...

    The north entrance porch
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  • St Thomas' Episcopal Church, Aboyne

    St Thomas' Church was built in 1907-9 and is a reproduction of St. Mary-The-Virgin, Burrough On The Hill, Leicestershire. It was the first purpose-built Episcopal church in Aboyne and is located in a triangular-shaped area of w...

    St Thomas Episcopal Church, Aboyne
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