Places of Worship in Marykirk Parish in Grampian Region

  • Aberluthnott Parish Church, Marykirk

    Aberluthnott Parish Church dates to at least the mid 12th century (records show it was dedicated in 1242), although fragments of early medieval stones found built into the 18th century burial ground boundary wall suggest an earlier churc...

    View of the Thornton Aisle
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  • Inglismaldie Church, Marykirk

    An early church, located somewhere in what is now the grounds of Inglismaldie House, is suggested by the 16th century spelling of Inglismaldie, 'Eglismaldiis', which suggests a church dedicated to a saint called Maillidh. The historian J...

    Inglismaldie House, in whose grounds the church is thought to have been located
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  • Luthermuir Chapel

    There is scant evidence for a chapel at Luthermuir, other than place name evidence. There is a 19th century cottage called 'The Chapel' at this location, west of Luthermuir village. A roofless ruin depicted on OS mapping is likely a...

    The possible site of the chapel
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  • Luthermuir Church

    Luthermuir Church, also known locally as Aberluthnott Parish Church, was built as Muirton Secession Church in the late 18th century. It is located on a corner plot at the western end of the planned village of Luthermuir, alongside expans...

    View of the church from the west
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  • Marykirk Parish Church

    The current Marykirk Parish Church, often known by the parish's earlier name of Aberluthnott, was built in 1806 to replace the original medieval parish church, the remains of which lie in the graveyard to the south.

    The Gothic-st...

    View of the church and graveyard from the south-east
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  • Sauchieburn Berean Chapel

    This simple chapel building was built in the 1770s at a crossroads and hamlet of cottages and farm buildings. The chapel building is now privately owned after it became disused and ruinous. It is now within private garden grounds and is ...

    View of the former chapel from the south-west
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