Places of Worship in Midmar Parish in Grampian Region

  • Former Burgher Church, Midmar

    A Burgher congregation was established in the area in 1798 and originally met in a rented premises. When this arrangement came to an end they built their own small place of worship, which was located "along on the turnpike road between S...

    View of the cottages near where the church was built
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  • Former Free Church, Midmar

    This secluded former church lies at the end of a small lane which gives access to several small holdings in the area. There is open countryside to the south and a mixed woodland to the north. The former manse is now a private house, loca...

    View of east porch
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  • Midmar Parish Church

    This rural parish church lies in open arable countryside on the north slope of a wide valley. The previous church (see St Nidian's Church) was located at the foot of the hill to the south. The church was built in the 1780s, deliberatelly...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • St Mary's Church, Old Kinnernie, Midmar

    The ruined church of Old Kinnernie, known as St Mary's, stands in open countryside a short distance north-west of Echt. There are a number of farm cottages around the church graveyard and this collection of buildings is called Old Kinner...

    View of church site from north-west
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  • St Nidan's Church, Midmar

    St Nidan's Church has a long Christian history. It is thought St Columba established a small chapel in this vicinity, perhaps in or near Midmar's recumbent stone circle (in the grounds of the present Midmar Parish Church). It is clear th...

    View of church from the north
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