Places of Worship in Cortachy and Clova Parish in Tayside Region

  • Balnaboth Chapel, Glen Prosen

    The remains of this small chapel lie in a rural location in Glen Prosen. It lies on the southern edge of a large forestry plantation on a natural platform near the base of a steep south-west facing slope. A trackway, possibly an old drov...

    View of the east gable
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  • Chapel of Lethnot, Glen Clova

    There is very little documentary evidence for this chapel site. The Ordnance Survey Name Book states that the remains of the chapel existed near a small township until the late 1850s, when they were demolished. The site today is close to...

    View of the possible site of the lost chapel
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  • Clova Parish Kirk, Glen Clova

    This small former parish church is located at the southern limits of the small village of Clova in the heart of Glen Clova. The church was built in 1855 on the site of an earlier church dedicated to St Mary and dating to the early 18th c...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • Cortachy Old Parish Church

    The current parish church of Cortachy, built in 1828 to a Gothic design (see separate site Cortachy Parish Church), stands on the foundations of an earlier, medieval church. This original church dated to at least the late 13th century. I...

    View of the current parish church, built in 1828
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  • Cortachy Parish Church

    Cortachy Parish Church was built in 1828 by David Paterson on the site of an older, medieval church (see separate site Cortachy Old Parish Church). It stands on a small rise on the side of a steep river valley. It is s...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • Glenprosen Parish Church

    Glenprosen Parish Church is located within a small graveyard at the bottom of a wooded hillside in a rural setting. It is a small, rectangular building with a porch and bellcote at the west end. The present church dates to 1802 but it re...

    View of the church from the south-west (photo by Adam Colliar)
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  • Wheen Church, Glen Clova

    An examination of old pre-Ordnance Survey maps, including Timothy Pont's map of 1640, shows that the small farm now called Wheen Farm was originally called Heglish Macwhin. 'Heglish' derives from the Gaelic word 'eaglais', which...

    View of the surrounding landscape where the church may have been located
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