Places of Worship in Kirriemuir Parish in Tayside Region

  • Abernethan Chapel, Kirriemuir

    This chapel at Abernethan, Kinnordy, said to have stood near Abernethan Well, is unlocated and no evidence of it has been found by the Ordnance Survey or RCAHMS.

    Abernethan Well (NO 3669 5628) is 'a well within a small build...

  • Former South Church, Kirriemuir

    South Church was built in 1835 as a Church of Scotland place of worship. It is situated in the southern area of Kirriemuir, set back from Glamis Road. The plain, rectangular building was constructed in coursed red sandstone blocks and ha...

    Former South Church, Kirriemuir
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  • Killhill Chapel, Kirriemuir

    This chapel, said to have stood at Killhill, Kirriemuir, is currently unlocated and was not found by RCAHMS during fieldwork in the 1980s. Its precise location has yet to be determined and so a grid reference cannot be provided...

  • Kirriemuir Baptist Church

    Kirriemuir Baptist Church is a small place of worship, occupying a first floor premises on Bank Street, above a shop. An alley way leads along the east side of the building. The rear of the building backs onto the grounds of Kirriemuir O...

    View of the north elevation
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  • Kirriemuir Barony Parish Church

    This large parish church is situated in the centre of the market town of Kirriemuir, with a reasonable sized graveyard to the south and east. The dense housing that surrounds the church and graveyard give the site a slightly claustrophob...

    Kirriemuir Old Parish Church
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  • Kirriemuir former Baptist Church

    The Kirriemuir Baptist congregation used to meet in premises on Bank Street in Kirriemuir's town centre. The building forms part of a row of shops and flats. Premises above what is now Currie & Co Accountants was where the congregati...

    The building where the congregation used to meet
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  • Kirriemuir former Roman Catholic Church

    A brick and timber church with a felt roof was built here in the 1950s to accommodate Kirriemuir’s Roman Catholic congregation. The site, on Bowling Green Road, was next to a row of houses and flanked an open green amidst a 20...

    Kirriemuir former Roman Catholic Church
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  • Logie Mausoleum, Kirriemuir

    Logie Mausoleum is part of Logie House, a 16th century tower house to the south-west of Kirriemuir. The mausoleum was used by the families of the estate and has walls around it. It is unclear whether there is an associated chapel in Logi...

  • Muirhouses Chapel, Kirriemuir

    This chapel, said to have stood near Muirhouses, Kirriemuir, and dedicated to St Colm, has not been located despite fieldwork by RCAHMS in the 1980s. Warden visited the area in the 1880s and could not find any evidence of a chapel, nor c...

  • North Free Church Hall, Kirriemuir

    Glengate Hall was built as North Free Church by William Paterson (Dundee) in 1846 and became the church hall for the adjacent St Ninian's Church (see separate site, St Ninian's Church, Kirriemuir). In 1972 it was sold to a Baptist group ...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Seceder Hall, Kirriemuir

    The former Seceder Hall in Kirriemuir stands just behind St Ninian's Church in the heart of the rural town. It is a Georgian rectangular structure and is attached to the rear of St Ninian's. It was built in 1779 and was an Antiburgher Ch...

    View of the east entrance
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  • St Andrew's Church, Kirriemuir

    This town church was built on a narrow site, facing Glamis Road, in 1903 by Thomas & Wilkie. It replaced an earlier simple, single-storey Free Church (1843) and school on the same site that, by the turn of the 20th century...

    St Andrew's Church, Kirriemuir
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  • St Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Kirriemuir

    This modern church is located in the centre of the market town of Kirriemuir and was built to replace a smaller, wooden structure located on the other side of town (on Bowling Green road). The striking building was designed by local arch...

    St Anthony's Roman Catholic Church
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  • St Magdalene's Chapel, Kirriemuir

    This chapel was said to have been located in what is now Kirriemuir town centre and dependent on the parish church. There is currently no further information and there are no upstanding remains of the chapel.


    Kirriemuir town centre, likely site of the early chapel
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  • St Mary's Episcopal Church, Kirriemuir

    This large town church was built towards the outskirts of Kirriemuir in 1904, replacing a classical church of 1797 that was destroyed by fire. St Mary’s is built in roughly coursed red sandstone rubble in an Arts and Crafts style. ...

    St Mary's Episcopal Church, Kirriemuir
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  • St Ninian's Chapel Burial Ground, Kirriemuir

    This is a burial ground located in open farm land south of Kirriemuir. It is square in plan, with substantial 2m tall rubble walls on all sides and an arched entrance with piers on the south elevation. There is a date stone bearing 1782....

  • St Ninian's Church, Kirriemuir

    St Ninian's Church is located in the centre of the historic town of Kirriemuir. The Victorian Gothic style building was latterly used as a Boy's Brigade Hall but was empty and boarded up when visited in 2010. It was built in 1851-3 ...

    View of the east gable of the church
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  • The Little Kirk, Kirriemuir

    The Little Kirk (as it was locally known) was built as a relief church in 1792/3 on the corner of Glengate and St Malcolm's Wynd.  When the congregation disbanded the ground floor became domestic, with the upper floor...