Former Ceres United Presbyterian Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 40200 11400, map


Ceres War Memorial Hall
Anstruther Road
KY15 5NH

Also known as:

  • Ceres War Memorial Hall (1920)
    Following the end of the Great War, the church became a memorial hall.
  • Union Hall (1893)
    The church went out of use in the late nineteenth century, after the two United Presbyterian congregations of Ceres merged.
  • Ceres United Presbyterian Church (1847)
    The church became United Presbyterian in the mid nineteenth century.
  • Ceres East (1798)
    The church was built as a Relief church, which was termed Ceres East in order to distinguish it from the Antiburgher Church (Ceres Associate Congregation, site 10415), known as Ceres West.
  • Ceres Relief Church


This church was built in 1798 as a relief church; it is now Ceres War Memorial Hall. The church consists of a gabled, single cell, with a porch to the west and an extension to the east. It is harled on its north, south and west faces. The east face is rubble built. It has a Scottish slate roof.


Ceres United Presbyterian Church

Construction materials: Harled - Used for walls; Slate - Scottish slate used for the roof;

This church was built in 1798 and has been known as Ceres War Memorial Hall since 1920.

The east elevation is built from whinstone rubble and has an urn finial on the apex of the gable. On the southeast corner of the building are two adjoining extensions, one flat-roofed and the other slate and hipped. The north and south walls are alike; both are harled and two rectangular windows with traceried heads with coloured glass. The west wall is also harled. There is a stack on the north edge of the wall, topped by an urn finial.

West Porch

Construction materials: Slate - Scottish slate used for the roof; Harled - Used for the walls;

The porch is harled white and has a half-hipped, Scottish slate roof with a catslide to the north.

It is entered through an elliptical, arched doorway on the south elevation which has an inscription above it which reads "Ceres Memorial Hall 1920".

In the west elevation is a square-headed window and two square-headed doors, which are under the catslide roof.

People / Organisations:

Relief ChurchDenomination1798-1847The church was built as a Relief church.
United PresbyteriansDenomination1847-1885the church became United Presbyterian in 1847 and remained so until it was merged with the St. Andrews Road congregation in 1885.


  • Hall: Build/construction (1798 to 1799)
    The church was built as a Relief church.
  • Porch: Build/construction (1798 uncertified)
  • Hall: New Denomination (1847)
    The congregation became United Presbyterian.
  • Hall: Closure (1885)
    The church went out of use following the union of the two United Presbyterian churches in Ceres.
  • Hall: Alteration/conversion (1893c)
    By this date the church was in use as a civic hall.
  • Hall: Alteration/conversion (1920)
    In 1920 the church became a memorial hall.

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