Maygate Baptist Chapel

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 09010 87390, map


KY12 7NE

Also known as:

  • Maygate Baptist Chapel (1850)
  • Methodisit Kirk (1816)
  • Maygate Chapel (1816)


This church was built by a Methodist congregation in 1815-16 on a site directly north of Dunfermline Abbey.   Whilst the congregation, which had formed in 1814, were waiting for their permanent place of worship to be built they met in the Maygate Masonic Lodge (site  10618), next door.   The new church was opened in 1816 with four hundred sittings, but by 1823 the size of the congregation had dwindled to such an extent that the church was closed and leased out for public use.   It was entered on the northern side through a central door set in a slightly advanced bay.   There was a flight of steps inside the church in the northeast corner.   From 1825-1893 the chapel was leased out to a number of congregations for short spaces of time (usually after they had broken away from their pervious church and were waiting for the construction of their new building).   The Baptists met here from 1850-1884.     In 1893 Messrs Fraser & Carmichael Ltd (wholesale traders) bought the church and demolished it so that they could construct a warehouse on the site.    That has since itself been demolished.


People / Organisations:

United Secession ChurchDenomination1825-1827Members of the Queen Anne Street Church (site no. 4684) congregation broke away and leased this chapel while they were waiting for their new church building to be completed (St Margaret's Church, site no. 10425).
Relief ChurchDenomination1847-1849The Relief Church in North Chapel Street (site no. 10617) was demolished and the congregation moved to this chapel while they were waiting for the new church to be built (Gillespie Church, site no. 4685).
United Secession ChurchDenomination1832This congregation formed after a split from the Chalmers Street Antiburgher congregation (site no. 10598).
Fraser & Carmichael LtdOwner1983-1971Dunfermline wholesale traders Wholesale traders.


  • Chapel: Build/construction (1815 to 1816)
  • Chapel: Destruction/demolition (1893)
    A warehouse was built on the site.

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