St Margaret's Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 09320 87510, map


East Port
KY12 7LF

Also known as:

  • St. Margaret's Parish Church (1929)
  • St. Margaret's United Free Church (1900)
  • St. Margaret's United Presbyterian Church (1847)


This United Secession congregation was formed in 1825 after members of the Queen Anne Street congregation (site 4684) broke away during a dispute over the appointment of a minister.   The congregation leased the Maygate chapel (site no. 10424) for two years (1825-1827) while they were waiting for St. Margaret's church to be completed.    It opened for worship on the 2nd of September 1827 with nine hundred and seventy sittings.   This church, which was in the centre of Dunfermline, was demolished in 1981 to allow for the building of a new headquarters for the Dunfermline Building Society.   The congregation had previously moved to a new church in the Touch housing estate in 1974 (site 10585).

Description (exterior)

This church was built in 1926-7 with nine hundred and seventy sittings. 

The building was of  Ashlar walls.   It was large, rectangular and built directly beside the street, with a flight of stone steps leading up to the front doors and its principal elevation facing south.

Description (interior)

People / Organisations:

Church of ScotlandDenomination1929-1974
United PresbyteriansDenomination1847-1900
United Free ChurchDenomination1900-1929
United Secession ChurchDenomination1827-1847


  • Church: Build/construction (1826 to 1827)
    Opened 2nd of September 1827.
  • Church: Closure (1974)
    The congregation moved to a new church in the Touch housing estate.
  • Church: Destruction/demolition (1981)

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