The Lochies Catholic Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 24010 86290, map


122 Kinghorn Road


Site of the former Lochies Catholic Church on Kinghorn Road.   In the 1870s there were only a small number of Catholics in Burntisland and because of this they used whatever accommodation they could find for their services. These included an address in Somerville Street, Burntisland (in 1877) and a former sail loft. However, the growing shale oil industry brought increasing numbers of Catholics to the area and as such larger premises were required. For a short time Masses were held in the Burgh Chambers (site number: 10498) but after charges were imposed for each meeting it was decided that new premises were required. In 1886 the church moved to the Lochies Schoolrooms, one of a group of three buildings on Kinghorn Road; the church occupied the westernmost building. By the 1970s the building was proving to be too small for the ever growing congregation so new premises were secured at Cowdenbeath Road (site number: 6629). The Lochies Catholic Church is no longer visible, having been demolished post-1970 after the congregation moved to the new premises. The site is now occupied by a private house;   some original boundary features are still visible.

People / Organisations:

Roman CatholicDenomination1886-1974The premises opened as a church on Saturday 5th June 1886.


  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1886)
    The schoolroom was converted into a church.

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