The Salt Girnel




This building was constructed in 1665 as a storehouse. It was used as the first meeting place of the Free Church in Methil, from the 1850s to the 1890s. It went out of use and was demolished after the Free Church was built in the town in 1890 (site no. 10469).


The Salt Girnel

The Salt Girnel was constructed in 1665 by David the Second Earl of Wemyss as a storehouse for the salt produced from salt panning, which was one of the main industries in Methil. The Rev. Adam Forman, who was the Minister at the Free Church in Leven (site no. 7784), worked to establish a Free Church meeting place in Methil and in the 1850s the Salt Girnel became the first home of the Free Church in the town. A separate congregation was formed in Methil in 1882 and a permanent church building was constructed to accommodate the growing congregation in 1890 (site no. 10469). The Salt Girnel therefore fell out of use and was demolished in the 1890s.
(Amanda Gow, July 2007)

People / Organisations:

Free ChurchDenomination185-189


  • Meeting hall: Build/construction (1665)
  • Meeting hall: Destruction/demolition (1890)

Bibliographic References:

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