Former United Free Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 23230 98800, map


Main Street


This church was constructed in 1910 as the United Free Church in Kinglassie. It is on the main road in the village, very close to the Free Church which has now been converted into a private house.   The building is set back from the road in a precinct surrounded by stepped harled white washed walls topped with iron railings at the front (south) and high coped red brick walls to the other sides.

Description (exterior)

The building is harled, whitewashed, with a slate roof.

On the southern elevation four bays are separated by narrow painted buttresses in the most easterly of which there is a large square headed opening which appears to be a later insertion. In the other three bays there are pieces of sheet metal with  rectangular openings cut into them. These later addition metal sheets cover the original pointed arched windows which are still visible on the interior.

On the western elevation there is an advanced single story gabled porch in the centre.  The porch is flanked by buttresses which have the remains of terracotta finials. On the return to the south there is a blocked square headed door. In the return to the north there is a single storey flat roofed red brick extension with a corrugated iron roof. In the gable of the church building, to the southern side of the porch, there is a pointed arched window which is partially bricked up. Above the porch there is a round opening with segmental surrounds which had been boarded up. However, this has been broken through to accommodate a vent pipe. On the apex of the gable is the remains of a terracotta finial.

The northern elevation is divided into four bays by narrow painted buttresses. In each bay there is a tall pointed arched window; all the windows are boarded up.

On the east face ingle storey hipped roofed extension projectsfrom the centre of the gable end. This extension has a large square window on the return to the south which has been covered with sheet metal. There is a small porch with a doorway in the return to the south. In the centre of the church gable above the porch is a round window which mirrors that on the western elevation.

Description (interior)

The interior of the building has been stripped of the original furnishings. However, the original hammer beam roof is still present. This springs from wooden corbels positioned between the windows.

People / Organisations:

United Free ChurchDenomination1910-1935


  • Church: Build/construction (1910)
  • Church: Union (1935)
    The congregation united with the Parish Church (site number: 2451).
  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1935)
    The building was converted into the hall for the Parish Church.
  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1985)
    The building was bought by a boat construction company.

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