Elie Free Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 48900 00100, map


Bank Street


This building was built as a Free Church in 1844. In 1888 it was replaced by the Wood Memorial Church (site number: 8417), which was located on an adjacent site. Following the construction of the new church, the Free Church was used a a church hall. The former church was a gable ended building with two gabled porches, a slim tower and round headed doors and windows.

The former church was probably demolished c.1962 at the time when the Wood Memorial Church was closed and subsequently demolished.

The site was then used as a car park for the Golf Hotel on Bank Street, presently (2008) there is a housing development on the site.


Elie Free Church

The church was built in 1844 on the site of what was later the carpark of the Golf Hotel on Bank Street in Elie and now a housing development. It was replaced in 1888 by the now demolished Wood Memorial Church (site 8417) at which point it became the church hall. The church was a gable ended building with two gabled porches, a slim tower and round headed doors and windows.

On its principle elevation the church had a beak gable facade in the centre of the face. This was capped by a foliate finial. Below the skews was a stringcourse which followed the line of the gable. There was a coat of arms in the apex of the skew. Three tall rounded archs pierced the face. On one side of this facade there was an apsidal extension and a tower with a spire. Small gabled porches with trefoil finials were situated on either side of the principle elevation. It is not clear how the church was orientated, but it seems likely that its principle elevation was to the south, facing the town and the sea.

Kirsty Owen (August 2007)

People / Organisations:

Reverend Walter WoodClergyman1845-1882Wood served the church until his death in 1882. Wood Memorial Church, the successor to this site, is named after him.
Free ChurchDenomination1844-1886


  • Church: Build/construction (1844)
    The church was built.
  • Church: Addition (1845)
    The church was enlarged.
  • Church: Addition (1846)
    Addition of a weathervane.
  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1856)
    Alterations were made to the interior of the church to make it more comfortable. The congregation was temporarily moved to the meeting house at Barnyards, Kilconquhar (site 4700).
  • Church: Addition (1865)
    A heating system was installed.
  • Church: Repair (1872)
    Repairs to the external fabric of the church, alterations to the pulpit and addition of better lighting.
  • Church: Repair (1880)
    Improvements to the ventilation of the church.
  • Church: Alteration/conversion (1885 to 1886)
    A new church was proposed, Wood Memorial Church (site 8417). The Free church became a church hall.
  • Church: Addition (1894)
    Minor alterations to the meeting hall, including a toilet, new vestry, stove, gas heaters and movable benches.
  • Church: Destruction/demolition (1962C)

Bibliographic References:

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