Mossgreen Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 15350 88720, map


Mossgreen Cemetery

Also known as:

  • Crossgates Parish Church


This church was constructed in 1851-2 by architect David Bryce. 

Built as a chapel of ease, this church has now been demolished but it was in the centre of Mossgreen Cemetery which is on the eastern outskirts of Mossgreen.  The cemetery is set higher than the surrounding land and is surrounded by high rubble saddle back coped walls. There are two entrances, both in the southern wall,  one at the western end of the wall and another in the centre. It is likely that the western entrance is the original cemetery entrance, whilst the central gateway with pyramidal coped freestone gatepiers was the gateway which led to the church. The site of the church is marked by a slight depression in the ground and an absence of any graves or vegetation. It is likely that the main entranceway to the cemetery was originally the gateway which led to the church.   A set of stone steps leads up from the central gateway to the higher ground level in the cemetery. The headstones in the cemetery date mainly to the mid nineteenth century and range from moulded apex to obelisk style with urn finials.  A large stone war memorial with cross finial is incorporated into the centre of the steps.

 The congregation joined with Crossgates Church (site number 8208) in 1948.



People / Organisations:

Church of ScotlandDenomination1852
Mr David BryceArchitect1851-1852


  • Church: Build/construction (1851 to 1852)
    Foundation stone laid 28th August 1851. Opened 15th August 1852.
  • Cemetery: Consecration (1852 uncertified)
  • Church: Addition (1865 to 1866)
    Gallery added.
  • Church: Addition (1877 to 1879)
    Additions and alterations carried out.
  • Church: Union (1948)
    Union with Crossgates Church (site no. 8208).
  • Church: Destruction/demolition (1960)

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