The Vine Church, Dunfermline

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 11350 87900, map


131 Garvock Hill
KY11 4JU


The Vine Church was established in Dunfermline in the 1960s, although the name was not adopted until the early 1980s. The congregation has had several homes over the years and its present premises are a converted lemonade factory situated on the western side of the town. There is a large car park to the south of the church and the main entrance is through a doorway in the south elevation.

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Description (exterior)

The church is a very large building, due to its previous role as a factory. It has a single-span steel-framed industrial building to the centre, with a flat-roofed office complex attached to the south and a large side aisle to the west. There are other flat-roofed additions at the north end of the complex, likely all contemporary with the main factory building.

The south side of the building complex forms the principal elevation of the church. The flat-roofed brick and glass office structure attached to the gable end of the large-span factory building was likely the main reception and office space for the factory. A former entrance bay for loading has been blocked and is now part of the office space for the church. The main entrance is in the south end of the attached side aisle. There are large glass doors and the words 'the vine' are placed above. The side walls of the building are mostly harled with a brick lower course. The north complex has a flat roof and brick walls with tall, narrow windows. The tall north-west corner of the complex appears to have been loading bays for lorries, which have been blocked up.

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Description (interior)

The large, single-span steel frame building (the main work space of the former factory) functions today as the church's nave and sanctuary. Moveable chairs are placed in rows and the large space could seat several hundred people. It also creates an open multi-functional space. At the northen end of the nave is a modern and spacious sanctuary area, which also provides room for the church's band. A central lectern is placed forward on a low platform and is where the minister or preacher speaks from. Side doors lead off from the nave into other rooms and facilities of the church, including a cafe, meeting rooms and kitchen.

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