United Presbyterian Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 08800 87520, map


Chalmers Street
KY12 8DF

Also known as:

  • Chalmers Street United Presbyterian Church (1847)
  • Antiburgher Church
    Original name.
  • United Succession


The Antiburgher congregation in Dunfermline was originally part of the Cairneyhill Antiburgher congregation which formed in the mid eighteenth century (see site no. 7756).    In 1788 the members of the congregation of Cairneyhill successfully petitioned the Presbytery of Dunfermline and Kinross requesting that they be formed into a separate Antiburgher congregation at Dunfermline.    The petitioners were formed into the congregation of Dunfermline Chalmers Street Antiburgher Church.    Worship initially took place in temporary accommodation until their church was built in 1789 at a cost of £700 and with sittings for 420.    This church later became a United Secession Church, then a United Presbyterian Church before being demolished and replaced by a larger United Presbyterian Church (see site no. 10601).


The Antiburgher church was built at the southern end of Chalmers Street on a site very close to the parish church. A drawing of the church shortly before it was demolished in 1861 shows that the church was a simple �barn style� building with entrances on the western elevation. The church sat in a site fronted by a low wall topped with iron railings.

People / Organisations:

United PresbyteriansDenomination1847-1861Church demolished in 1861. Replaced by new United Presbyterian Church (site no. 10601).
United Secession ChurchDenomination1820-1847


  • Church: Build/construction (1789)
  • Church: New Denomination (1847 uncertified to 1861)
    United Presbyterian.
  • Church: Destruction/demolition (1861)
    Replaced by a new United Presbyterian church (site no. 10601) on the same site.

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