St Andrew's Erskine Church

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Robertson Road
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This modern church is located in the north-western side of Dunfermline in an area locally known as the 'community corridor' as it houses a number of community facilities, including a hospital, doctors practise, shops and a school. The church was built to serve the new housing development on this side of the town, as well as the exisiting St Andrew's Erskine congregation, which had decided to relocate and build a new church here. This is one of the most recent new churches built by the Church of Scotland, with construction starting in 2003. It has a number of facilities, including a cafe, hall, meeting rooms and respite care.

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Description (exterior)

St Andrew's Erskine Church is a modern building located in an area of residential streets and community ground. It has a striking design and uses a combination of materials, including metal, glass, concrete and brickwork. The nave of the church is housed in the eastern end and has a tall, curved metal roof with a large clearstorey (glass windows) below the roof. The walls are a combination of white-painted, rendered concrete and contrasting red brick. There are numerous rectangular windows along the facades of the church, most of which are fairly small. The clearstorey extends around most of the building, flooding the interior rooms with light. A number of crosses in the walls denote that this is an ecclesiastical building and the cross at the eastern end is made of glass and lights the sanctuary inside. The metal roof has a large overhang, which gives some protection from the elements to those walking along the paths running around the church.

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Description (interior)

The interior is light and spacious. The nave and sanctuary are in the eastern end with the striking curved roof, which adds height to the worship space and allows for larger areas of glass in the walls. The walls are plastered and painted white and there are modern spot lights and carpeted floors. The sanctuary is raised on two steps and has a wooden communion table, lecterns and a small electric organ. Moveable chairs provide the seating and can be re-arranged to suit the needs of the church and the congregation. There are numerous other rooms and facilities in the western part of the church, including meeting rooms, a community cafe and kitchen, care facilities and office space.

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People / Organisations:

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  • Church: Build/construction (2003 to 2004)
    Opened 28th October 2004.

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