St Andrews Free Church (Boys Brigade Hall)

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 51000 16200, map


Kinnessburn Road
St Andrews
KY16 8BW


Although mainly for community use the Boys Brigade Hall is also used as a meeting place for the St Andrew's Free Church congregation.   The Hall is situated on the corner of Kinnessburn Road and Langlands Road


Description (exterior)

This is a two-storey gabled building of red brick walls with bands of white brick.    There are semi-circular windows in the gables.    Entrance is through a large porch over which is the  inscription of 'St Andrews Boys Brigade' and the motto of Sure and Steadfast, interspersed with three anchors. It was built by Gillespie & Scott in 1898-1899.    


Description (interior)

The interior is comprised of a number of halls and rooms.On the upper floor, behind one of the round-heade windows is a room set out with benches, or pews used for religious and other meetings. 

Several pictures are on the walls, including a framed copy of the Boys Brigade badge and the Company number, BB83.

People / Organisations:

Free ChurchDenomination2004/1-NOWThe Free Church meet at the Boys Brigade Hall.
Gillespie and ScottArchitect1898-1899architects. Built Boys Brigade Hall.
John Colville CunninghamArchitect1947-1948Addition.
1st St Andrews Boys BrigadeOwnerNOW


  • Meeting hall: Build/construction (1898 to 1899)
  • Meeting hall: Addition (1947 to 1948)

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