Mansefield, St Andrews

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 50600 16700, map


3 St. Mary's Place
St Andrews


Mansefield is a 19th century former town house, located on the south side of St Mary's Place close to Market Street in the centre of St Andrews. It was aquired by the University of St Andrews and the ground floor was renovated in 1975. It now houses the Chaplaincy for the University and is used as a meeting place and place of worship for different religious groups. On the first floor is a Muslim prayer room. The two storey building is built of sandstone with a slate roof and features a Roman Doric porch. It is typical of many Georgian buildings, with a symmetrical frontage and large case and sash windows.

J Dowling 2017

Description (exterior)

Description (interior)

People / Organisations:

IslamDenominationNOWThe building contains a Muslim prayer room on its first floor.


  • : Build/construction (1800se)
  • : Renovation (1971)
    The ground floor was renovated.
  • : Alteration/conversion (2002)

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