Religious Society of Friends - Quakers

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 50500 16800, map


2 Howard Place
St. Andrews

Also known as:

  • Friends Meeting House
  • St Andrews Meeting House


The Religious Society of Friends, known as Quakers, has met in a variety of places in St Andrews during the last fifty years. Three have sufficient documentation to be described, but there may well have been others as they are often rented or owned rooms within a house or other building in the town.  For clarity, the Quaker properties recorded have been brought together in this record.

1 The earliest identified site is in Rose Lane, (see Quaker Meeting House, Rose Lane) off South Street, close to the Baptist Church.  This site was used  (possibly ownned) from 1967-74.

2 No details are available for the period 1974-82, but the second location, from 1982-93, was at 213 South Street/corner of City Road (see Quaker Meeting House, South Street) in a first floor flat.

3 From 1993 they have met in a property in  Howard Place. A notice on the window of the ground floor room to the left of the entrance provides details of services. They meet in a ground floor room, which is simply furnished with moveable chairs arranged around a table.


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