Dundee Hebrew Centre

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 39023 30694, map


9 St. Mary's Place

Also known as:

  • Dundee Synagogue


Used by Dundee Hebrew Congregation this white 1960s-70s construction sits almost unseen near to a busy intersection. Surrounded by a copse and shrubbery the centre is approached by a cement staircase. This is divided into a zig-zag to aid the climb up rising ground to the entrance porch. The ground rises almost to roof height on three sides. K. Nichols


This white harled rectangular set of buildings has one entry. This porch at the south face has a black metal gate to which is attached a golden Star of David. Several of the lower reaches of the roof are protected by a wrought iron 'barbed wire'. Although the ground rises almost to roof height the building has a trenched area that would deter access to the roof. The east section of the building has one set of six skylights inserted. K. Nichols