St Margaret's Episcopal Church, Marshall Street, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 37874 31410, map


Marshall Street


The exact site of the former St. Margaret's is unknown. The church was opened on 11 December 1861. The originator of the Episcopal movement in Lochee, Bishop Forbes, officiated. This 'pretty edifice' had attached schools and classrooms. In 1874 it became an incumbency and transferred to Ancrum Road in 1888. It was demolished some time ago and built over by new housing and shops.

K. Nichols

Description (interior)

An image of the interior held by Dundee Reference Library shows a timber-beamed ceiling over an enclosed sanctuary. The altar was clothed and a banner was stretched below the window. The central window on the back wall displayed a coloured glass crucifix. Above this a scroll proclaimed 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Hosts.' Each side wall had a two-light drop window. All the windows were diamond leaded. The sanctuary had three steps to the nave where an octagonal lectern was placed in a corner in front of the choir seats. A clothed lectern, with its side to the congregation, was in the opposite corner. The pews faced directly onto the sanctuary. K. Nichols

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