Christian Assembly Hall

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 37643 31782, map


75 Liff Road


This modern 1-storey building is of red brick on raised ground in a main street location. Reached by a small flight of steps with landscaped ground to the front that partially hides the car parking land to its north and east. K. Nichols 10/08


Christian Assembly Hall

Construction materials: Brick - for walls;

The only indication that this is a place of worship is the name written in large white letters on the west of the south wall. There is also a sign with details of services in the south window of the entrance porch.
This flat roofed modern rectangular building has several smaller components added to the southern aspect but give a unified appearance of having been built together. The lower half of the building is painted a lighter shade of red for decorative purposes. The entrance door and ramped access is at the western end of the south wall. The windows are vertically rectangular and tend to be placed in pairs. Some panes have been divided or filled, presumably depending upon the internal function of the room. K. Nichols 09/08