Wishart Arch, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): SV .0000 .0000, map




The only remains of the city walls of Dundee is also where reformist preacher George Wishart conducted open air services in the mid 16th century. He was eventually burnt at the stake in St Andrews by Cardinal Beaton. The section which survives is a defensive gateway, or port, into the city. It now stands in an area of modern office buildings and flats, but has been well maintained.

K Nichols, J Dowling


Constructed before 1548 this rubble built wall was renovated in 1877 by W.Murray Jack, and bears a plaque with the following inscription: 'During the plague of 1544 George Wishart preached from the parapet of this port to 'The people standing within the gate and the plague stricken lying without in booths.' It then quotes Psalm CVII 'He sent his word and healed them'.  The west side shows  details such as the lancet window and parapet shelf. One section contains timber battening as infill.

At one time, the wall spanned two sets of tenements which were attached to the wall.
K. Nichols