James Church, Dundee

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Bell Street
3 Bell Street


This site is now a students Union for Abertay Univesity. The site previously held two churches and a hall. At a later date there was a 19th century warehouse that was used by this congregation. K. Nichols

Description (exterior)

Opened in April 1845 this church became known as James' Church after the first minister James Reston of Newton Stewart. The plain hall had a north-south orientation with its front access on Bell St and the east elevation going downhill on Euclid Crescent. On a corner site it was made of brick and had a tiled roof. The windows were round-headed. The north elevation comprised three bays of which the central bay was the main door. This had a round-headed window above it and a smaller round window below the gable. There were three vents on the roofline and a stone finial on the north gable.

Sold in 1900 or soon thereafter due to the Union of the United Free and Free Churches. The building became a shoe and book establishment. This congregation removed to Clepington church and gained a new building for 1906. K. Nichols

Description (interior)

The interior was plain with a tiled wall. Gas lamps were inserted on the wall behind the pulpit. The pews faced directly onto the pulpit.


  • Church: Build/construction (1845)
  • Church: Custodial Transfer (1900)

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