Logie Church, Lochee Road, Dundee

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Lochee Road / Scott Street


Designed by Alex Johnston to seat 600 this church opened on 8 December 1872. It has subsequently been demolished.

At present there is a nursing home on the site. The only remains of the church and its site are the boundary walls to the north and west and the pillars of the main gate.

K. Nichols

Description (exterior)

The following description is based on a surviving image of the demolished church.

Situated on a corner site with a graveyard opposite, this sandstone church was aligned north-south with the entrance in the south gable, via a hoodmoulded porch. Styled in Revival Gothic, the south elevation featured a three-light stained glass window and a round window. There were two pillastered buttresses on this elevation too. There was a square tower with a spire to the east of the nave. The bells within were a memorial gift. There was a small circular extension built on the opposite side. There were transepts to the north and a vestry and classrooms were located to the rear. The church was bounded by a low wall with railings.

K Nichols, J Dowling  

Description (interior)

An image of the interior shows that the octagonal wooden pulpit sat below the south gable window that contained geometric designed glass. There were several rows of chairs for the choir in front of the pulpit and these were contained by wooden panels. The public pews were perpindicular to the pulpit and ran up to the wall of the room. 


Later internal additions included a gallery, the heating system and, in 1904, an organ behind the pulpit. K. Nichols


  • Church: Destruction/demolition
  • Church: Build/construction (1872)

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