Ninewells Hospital Chapel, Dundee

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Ninewells Hospital


The chapel is situated on the ground floor of the hospital and is signposted and easily reached. A small foyer to the right of the main passageway gives entry to the square room. This foyer also contains entrances to a chaplain's office and a domestic staff room. K. Nichols

Description (exterior)

The church or chapel is a small internal room within the 1970s Ninewells Hospital, located towards the western end of Dundee.

Description (interior)

The room is painted with pink emulsion and has a green carpet, two windows, each with two lights, and a false ceiling. The furniture includes an altar, pulpit, piano and separate chairs. There is a wooden cross on the south wall, the design of which matches the chair backs. Both the pulpit and altar are covered with panels of silk embroidery. The tapestry on the east wall was presented, in 1998, by the Woman's Guilds of Dundee Presbyterial Council. Called 'Faith in the Arts' it is an amalgamation of scenes from the natural world and spirituality. Below the tapestry is a handrail that spans half the length of the room. K. Nichols


  • Hospital: Alteration/conversion (2008)
    Enlargement and re-arrangment due from Oct 2008 to create a Spiritual care centre. There will be two rooms - one multi-faith, one Christian.

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