Destiny Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 09219 86504, map


11D Dickson Street
Elgin Industrial Estate, Dunfermline
KY12 7SL


Destiny Church is a fairly new congregation in Dunfermline. They currently meet in modern premises on an industrial estate but are raising funds to acquire a more suitable building, closer to the town centre of Dunfermline.

J Dowling 2017

Description (exterior)

The single-storey building they meet in is a later 20th century structure (likely 1970s), which has brick walls, rectangular windows and a flat roof, with a large wooden wallhead that extends outwith the walls. The main entrance is through a shallow porch, in which are glass and metal doors.

J Dowling 2017

Description (interior)

The interior space they meet in is a well-lit, fairly large single room. There are rows of moveable chairs and a space at the rear for musical equipment, including a drum kit.

J Dowling 2017

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