Moonzie Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 33860 17600, map


KY15 4NL


Moonzie parish church is situated on raised ground on the edge of the village with agricultural land to the west and south. It consists of a single cell with a porch on the south west corner.   The churchyard surrounds the church to the south and west of the building, enclosed by a boundary wall.   RCHAMS Canmore database states that in 1780 82 burials were recorded, including a medieval gravestone built into the wall.


The chuch walls are harled, and it has a Scottish slate gable roof with crow steps on the gable ends..

The east elevation of the church has a single square stained glass window just below the roofline, capped by a spherical finial. The lower half of the face stands slightly proud of the rest of the elevation.

To the south a line of ceramic ridge tiles is visible on the roof between the ball finial and the bellcote to the west.   There are three square headed windows just below the wall head. The east and west windows have geometric coloured glass.   The central window has stained glass which has been covered with thick glass or plastic on the outside which has resulted in a build up of condensation evidenced by water damage below the window.   To the west of the windows is a projecting sandstone frame which may have held a memorial or have been taken from another building.   The pyramidal roofed south porch obscures another opening which may have been a door prior to the addition of a porch.    The porch is harled with evidence of cracking on the south elevation, and is entered through a square-headed door in its western face.     To the east is a small square-headed window..

The west elevation is capped by a bellcote set on a platform above the gable. Water running from the bellcote down the western face has eroded this stone stand.    The northern crow steps are interrupted by a rectangular chimney.   On the north west corner of the face there is a lean-to brick extension with a slate roof which is entered though a square headed door in its west face.

The north elevation features a single square headed window with geometric glass towards the eastern end of the church.   It has a square patch of lichen growth, suggesting that this area is damper than the rest of the face.



People / Organisations:

Pre-reformation Church of ScotlandDenomination1176This is the earliest known date at which there was known to be a religious building at Moonzie.
Church of ScotlandDenomination1693The date of the current church is not known, although it was known to have been standing in 1693. There was probably an earlier building on this site.


  • Church: Build/construction (1176)
    This is the earliest known date at which there was a church on this site.
  • Church: Custodial Transfer (1214)
    The church was gifted to the hospital at Loch Leven.
  • Church: Consecration (1245)
    The church was re-dedicated to the Holy Trinity.
  • Church: Custodial Transfer (1250 to 1251)
    The church passed to hospital at Scotlandwell.
  • Church: Build/construction (1693)
    The present church stood on this site in the late seventeenth century, although the exact date of construction is not known.
  • Church: Addition (1700)
    The Doric columned bellcote was probably added in the late eighteenth century.
  • Church: Addition (1821)
    Seating was added.
  • Church: Addition (1882)
    Open timber roof added by William Little and Son.
  • Porch: Build/construction (1906)
    The porch was added.
  • Graveyard: Consecration (b120)

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