Holy Trinity of Kilrimund

National Grid Reference (NGR): T\ 22575 55270, map


Cathedral Precinct
St Andrews

Also known as:

  • Kilrimont
  • Church of St Andrews of Kilrymont


This church was the first parish church for St Andrews, when it was known as the Church of the Holy Trinity of Kinrimund. Nothing remains visible of the church.


Holy Trinity of Kilrimund

A foundation wall unearthed to the South-East of the cathedral gable, where the priory buildings were later erected, indicates the possible location of the church.

The church was built in the early 12th century and is referred to in a Papal Confirmation of 1163 and another of 1183, which mentions the graveyard around the church.The parish of St Andrews is mentioned in Culdee records; Malcolm IV gifted it to the Archdeacon of St Andrews by 1153. It was dedicated to the Holy Trinity in 1243 by Bishop David de Bernham.  

No description exists of the early church, but it was probably a rectangular building, without aisles. Records indicate the old parish church survived in reasonable conditionuntil at least 1419, though not as a place of worship.

By1412 the church was abandoned, perhaps because it was a parish church in the precint of the abbey, or because the poplation had moved westwards and a site nearer the Market Place  was deemed more suitable.


People / Organisations:

First parish churchCatholic1112-1412The church was founded in 1112 and was demolished and replaced by another church at a different location in the town in 1412.
Bishop TurgotFounder1112
Bishop David de BernhamClergyman1243Consecrated and dedicated church.


  • Church: Founded (1112)
    The church was founded by Bishop Turgot.
  • Church: Custodial Transfer (1163)
    Given by Bishop Richard to the Canons of St Andrews Priory.
  • Church: Consecration (1243/7/17)
    The church was consecrated and dedicated by Bishop de Bernham.
  • Church: Destruction/demolition (1412)
    The church was demolished and another church was built to replace it in a location at the centre of St Andrews.

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